teamSolution® Travel

Generation 3.0 The web-based software solution for tour operators to monitor, manage and control the entire process: 360° Tourism – from contract to booking.

Business up-date with the teamSolution® Travel

The teamSolution® Travel is an integrated software solution to optimise and accelerate processes of the modern tour operators. The time-to-market factor for products decrease and off season offers can react flexibly and demand-oriented.

The teamSolution® Travel modules

teamSolution® Travel Software’s architecture is built in modules. So an individual adaption of the scope and functionality of the software solution is possible to satisfy the processes and the organisation of tour operators.

  • contract Contract management
  • syncing Online/Offline synchronisation
  • calcu Price calculation
  • product Product management
  • specials Special Offers and Last Minute management
  • object master data management
  • media Media management
  • catalog Database Publishing
  • correction Digital correction system
  • multichannel Online interfaces
  • reporting Evaluations
  • booking Linking to reservation system

The advantages of the teamSolution® Travel

With the new generation 3.0, the teamSolution® Travel software performance has been significantly optimised, the functionality extended and the interface design revolutionised.

Web-based software solution

The teamSolution® is designed as a web-based application and is accessed through a browser with log-in. Decentralised work is then very simple. At the same time, software up-dates can be performed in a very short time. A very powerful offline version is integrated in the new version. Thus the user is able to close contracts without internet connection with the module “contract”. The subsequent synchronisation of the offline data is simple and quick. The integrated workflow brings additional efficiency across teams and decentralised work.

User interface design

The new interface design from teamSolution® Travel was developed by the user. For example, it was considered that buyers don’t have a lot of time when on location for the conclusion of the contract. The software intuitively guides through the conversation, all the required information is available.


The tourism market is undergoing major changes. Tour operators must react more flexibly to offers, demands or availabilities. The new generation of teamSolution®Travel was developed for these requirements. The process from purchase up to reservation is greatly accelerated with this software solution. Error sources through media disruptions or multiple manual steps are eliminated. This also increases the tour operator’s business performance.

The teamSolution® Travel is a solution for the increasing demands in the digital and increasingly complex competitive environment of the travel industry.

teamSolution® im Tourismus

“The A-team” has specialised for over 15 years on the development of software solution for the tourism industry. The teamSolution® Travel is used by renowned tour operators:

  • thomascook
  • hamburg tourismus
  • der-tours
  • luxair
  • ameropa
  • schauinsland
  • tui
  • neckermann
  • windrose
  • airberlin
  • oeger_tours
  • hlx


For further information, details or a demo presentation, please contact us at any time.

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contract Contract management

With the "contract" module, all incoming contracts with hotels or other partners can be managed. Function and structure of the module were ../optimised on site for the closing of the contract.

Through the central supply of data, the contracts can be made in advance and prepared accordingly. For on-site appointments, the operator can concentrate on the important data like room, contingents, price and special offers. The data from the previous year is available for comparison as well. The PDF contract can be printed in both online or offline mode so that it could be signed.

After the closing of the contract with the required signature, the purchase data in connection with the module "product" can be exported into a reservation system.

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calcu Price calculation

The "calcu" module calculates the purchase price taking into account variable factors like margin, surcharges, commissions, insurance, season or flight information. All calculation factors can determined and extended. The calculated purchase prices are exported directly into the booking system.

It is possible to work on the basis of various calculation modules. These could be components like flight and hotel, packages or individual product offers.

An optimal process results when the calculations module can access the data from the module “contract”.

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product Product management

The module "product" offers the possibility to combine one or more products for the booking systems based on the hotel contract. This is for example a great advantage for tour operators with many brands or product lines because the defined products can be exported directly into the booking system or other marketing channels.

Optimised for the BLANK booking system.
This module is especially suitable for the BLANK reservation system, since for the export of a product into the BLANK system no further data entry in BLANK is required. The data required for BLANK is defined in the product module, enriched and finally exported into the reservation system.

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specials Special Offers and Last Minute management

The module ‚specials‘ supports the increasing number of under seasonal offers, possible short-term changes in room capacity or stop-sales invoice. Various special offers or under seasonal deals can be created and when needed combined with existing offers. All defined offers in the module “specials” can be directly forwarded to the booking system and published on the distribution channels used by the tour operator.

A special feature of this module is the possibility of a direct connection from incoming agents or even the hotel as contract partners. These can enter offers or stop-sales in the teamSolution® and sent to the tour operator for review. Even the renegotiation between the incoming agency/hotel and the tour operator can be processed in the module. Using the tour operator’s pre-defined templates, this process can be extremely simplified and accelerated.

With the last minute feature, last minute deals can be created from the yield management with consideration of the flight capacity and other requirements. A calculation with existing factors from the module “contract”, “calcu” and “specials” identifies the optimal last minute price. The offers are exported directly into the booking system and published on the distribution channels used by the tour operator.

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object master data management

The hotel’s master data is managed by the module "object" These includes the most important basic data like hotel address, contact partner, geo coordinates, room description and attributes. Editorial descriptions or destination information can also be managed therein. As an add-on, the module "media" manages image and film data, PDFs or other files of the property. The data from these two modules can be used by all teamSolution® Travel's modules.

To fulfill the publishing of seasonal variation of content, the media and object administration of the teamSolution® Travel can manage contents in various languages or with a restricted validity period.

The tour operator has a data base with all of the necessary marketing data at his disposal. The data can be exported via interfaces where it can be used for example to automate the production of catalogues. The export into player solutions or to websites is also possible with the modules "media" and "object".

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media Media management

The module "media" manages image and film data, PDFs or other files of properties and destinations. With this module the tour operator has a centralised data base with all of his media files. The module "media" is an extension of the module "object". The data from these two modules can be used by all teamSolution® Travel's modules.

All media files can be exported via interfaces, and in combination with content data from the "object" module, to be used for example to automate the production of catalogues, as website content or in a player solution.

In both modules, the media and object administration of the teamSolution® Travel's content can be managed in various languages or with a restricted validity period.

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catalog Data base Publishing

With the module "catalog" the teamSolution® Travel offers a module for 100% automated production of price components or price tables. Ideally, the prices come from the "calcu" module, they can also be entered via an import from other systems. Individual PDF files are created that are merged in an automated process to a price table catalogue.

The design of the price tables and catalogue pages is based on pre-defined design templates. The module ‚catalog‘ works multilingual if required and can transfer changes in one language automatically to another.

For the catalogue production, texts and media files can be transferred from the module "media & object" and can be compiled for further use in the pre-press stage. An automation level of 70% and more is achieved per database page layout.

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multichannel online interfaces

An important parameter for the teamSolution® Travel ois the flexibility with regard to expansions and the integration in existing environments and IT architecture of the tour operator. Systems for booking and reservations, content, print production, online platforms, player solutions or other possible already implemented systems can become an integrated part of the process via interfaces.

reporting Evaluations

Several modules of the teamSolution® Travel can be additioned with the reporting function: Individual logics for clients are implemented, which will make very specific evaluations and reports possible – like f.ex. the working status of contract data, target area overviews etc. External systems can also be connected and provided with data.

booking Linking to reservation System

In the new version of the teamSolution® Travel the export and import features would be further optimised with the BLANK booking system. The teamSolution® Travel now offers the possibility to run the BLANK System without additional manual intervention from teamSolution® Travel. The module "product" can directly control the BLANK reservation system, other modules like "calcu" or "specials" have corresponding export functions. The connection to other reservation systems can also be realised via corresponding interfaces.


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